About Ashbrittle Stud

About us

Founded in 2003, Ashbrittle Stud operates to traditional high standards. Horses in our care benefit both from brand new facilities and from the wealth of expertise we’ve amassed over decades of experience.

Ashbrittle Stud is set in the heart of the Somerset countryside and its rolling hills are perfect for developing and maintaining good muscle tone. And, while Somerset may not be known for its flat racing, its National Hunt tradition has left it with an equine infrastructure few other regions can beat.

Importantly, the pastures and paddocks of Ashbrittle Stud have never been grazed by horses before and we continue to manage the grazing by rotating horses with cattle and sheep for both parasitic control and optimum grazing conditions.

And because here at Ashbrittle we accept only a limited number of boarders, our staff can gain intimate knowledge of every individual horse they look after through close, daily observation. This makes for a much more personal and responsive standard of care that our customers – and their horses – appreciate.